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Caorle's Cuisine

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Caorle's tradition: cuisine and freshness

Caorle is a seafaring town and fishing is in our DNA as inhabitants of Caorle, as we live in harmony with our sea, and have been fishing forever. So, even if it began as a means of subsistence, fishing has become a true tradition that makes us all part of the same community and that is passed on from generation to generation and also celebrated with events such as the Fish Festival.

Our fishermen go out to sea and into the Lagoon every day and come back to shore between 3.30 and 4 pm. And it’s at that time of day that the evocative display of fishing boats can be seen, moored to the dock, the crates of really fresh fish that are unloaded and the wholesalers who compete to buy them through our original auction system! But if you also want to buy the local fish, the right time is the morning, from tuesday to saturday, from 8.00 am to 11.30 am, at the stalls of the Municipal fish market, in Riva delle Caorline.

The variety of the catch is another feather in our cap (sea bream, cuttlefish, squid, musky octopus, octopus, sole, scampi, caramote prawns, lobster, eel, grey mullet, sardines, anchovies and much more) even if the cuisine of Caorle, and our gastronomy in general, has made itself stand out from that of other seafaring towns, because of its focus on three excellent products that everyone envies: musky octopus, clams and the queen scallop. They are never missing from the menus of our restaurants which offer classic recipes and adaptations with a modern touch but still respecting the tradition that distinguishes us!


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