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The Cathedral and the Shrine of Our Lady of the Angel are undoubtedly the most important religious places in Caorle which attract a great deal of tourists, but they are not the only churches worth visiting.

In the centre of Caorle

Church of the Madonna del Rosario di Pompei

The Church or Oratory of the Virgin Mary of Pompei was erected in 1878. It is located in the centre of the town and is always open. It was severely damaged during the second World War and was rebuilt in 1954. The sacred stone of the altar and the marble altarpiece of the holy water come from churches of Caorle which no longer exist. 

In Santa Margherita

Church of Maria Immacolata

The church of Santa Margherita was created by architect Guido Impallomeni of Portogruaro, author also of the nearby Villaggio dell'Orologio (lit. Clock Village) and its adjacent Docks. The most significant piece here is without a doubt the pictorial triptych of painter and iconographer Fabio Nones di Trento; also of singular beauty is the bronze crucifix of sculptor Angelo Zoggia. The church is always open.

In Porto Santa Margherita

Church of San Giovanni XXIII

It is one of the most recent churches in the region (consecrated in 2009), it has stained glass depicting scenes of the Old and New Testament and it is always open.

In Duna Verde

Church of Santa Maria delle Dune

The church, consecrated in 1984, is open from June to August and the statue of the Virgin Mary with Child it houses comes from the bow of a ship.

In Ca' Corniani

Church of San Giovanni Battista

It is structured along a single nave and houses a beautiful wooden statues of Saint John the Baptist. It is always open.

In Ca' Cottoni

Church of the Resurrection

The original nucleus dates back to 1720 and, towards the mid 18th century, it was enlarged with the addition of the lateral naves.
On the central altar, you can see the altarpiece of the Resurrection dating back to the seventeenth century; also particularly beautiful are the wooden altars and the carvings of the two naves.
The church is open only in summer on a Sunday.

In Valle Tagli 

Church of Santa Maria degli Angeli

A suggestive church immersed in the green next to the Brian canal, in the Valle Tagli district. 

The small church was built around 1940, thanks to Giorgio and Carlotta Romiati. It was called Santa Maria degli Angeli in honour of the basilica of Assisi, by which Carlotta had been fascinated during a trip. In fact, some artistic motifs inside the Franciscan basilica have been taken up inside the Valle Tagli church.

In San Giorgio di Livenza

Parish church of San Giorgio di Livenza

The new parish church was built from scratch not far from the previous eighteenth-century church, demolished in 1926 to allow for the raising of the right bank of the Brian canal, in order to safeguard the reclaimed land.

In San Gaetano

Church of San Gaetano da Thiene

It is in Via Riello and houses a wooden statue of San Gaetano from Val Gardena.
The church is open on Sundays and on special religious occasions.

In Marango

Church of Ss. Nome di Maria

This church is the seat of the "Small Family of the Resurrection" Monastic Community which welcomes those who wish to spend a couple of days praying. 

In Ottava Presa

Church of Madonna di Lourdes

The oratory was built in 1957, along the road that connects S.Stino di Livenza to Caorle, built in that same year. In 2012 it was radically restored. Inside you can admire an important pictorial cycle by Fabio Nones, iconographer from Trento with scenes from the New Testament, according to the ancient Byzantine iconographic tradition.

In Castello di Brussa

Church of Regina Pacis

Open only on Saturday afternoon during mass. Close by, in Lugugnana of Portogruaro, you find the church of S. Maria del Carmelo which dates back to the 1500s and is protected by the Fine Arts.

In Brussa

Church of San Bartolomeo

Open in summer.

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