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Duna Verde

Big tourist villages, one of which is equipped with an 18-hole seafront golf course; residences immersed in the green with water parks and tennis courts, all kinds of shops, as well as a weekly market (from May to September) on Wednesday morning in Piazzale Madoneta: Duna Verde has no reason to envy other tourist locations - on the contrary! Its added value are the old dunes (typical of the High Adriatic, they are a protection barrier between the sea and the hinterland) and the coastal pinewood, both of which have been protected over the years so that they could remain as intact as possible.

If you have children, Duna Verde is the ideal location for your stay, not only because of the natural context in which it is immersed, but also thanks to the entertainment, open-air cinema, the beach and the brightly-lit cycling paths which connect it to Caorle and Eraclea. In summer, Duna Verde is connected to Porto Santa Margherita and Caorle thanks to the urban bus service: click here for the timetable.


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