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X-Lagoon, the ferry-boat "Caorle - Vallevecchia - Bibione"

X-Lagoon, the ferry-boat "Caorle - Vallevecchia - Bibione"

The holiday in Caorle is not only sunbathing on the beach ... but it's also the discovery of the naturalistic beauties that surround it!

From April the X Lagoon is active again, the boat + bike connection service between Caorle and Bibione, with an intermediate stop in the naturalistic oasis of Vallevecchia.
The service is only at the weekends from 13th April to24th May and from 23rd September to 27th October,  successively every day from 25th May until 22nd September.
The service is suspended in case of adverse weather conditions (including strong wind).


- CAORLE: Strada Passo Falconera, "Fishermen's Island"
- VALLEVECCHIA: Via del Dossetto, near the Environmental Museum of Vallevecchia
- BIBIONE: Via della Laguna (Bibione Pineda)

The service is accessible to dogs (on a leash).

- Caorle-Bibione: return 18 € – one way 12 €
- Caorle-Vallevecchia: return 12 € – one way 8 €
- Free for children up to 1 meter in height

Reservation required on

(subject to availability of places)

For info and timetables consult the following poster:


CAORLE – "Fishermen's Island", Strada Passo Falconera

VALLEVECCHIA - Visitor Center of Veneto Agriculture, Via Dossetto 1

BIBIONE PINEDA - Via della Laguna 14

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