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ScoglieraViva - Living Reef

The name of this attraction is self-explanatory (it means 'living reef') and it comes as no surprise that many consider it to be one of the most beautiful walking trails in the high Adriatic, thanks to the rocks which have been sculpted since 1993 by internationally-renowned artists who, every two years, usually in June, arrive in Caorle for a special gathering which has now become an unmissable event!

You start from Piazza Vescovado and continue towards the sea, heading up the steps which lead to the dam (do not miss out on the old and enchanting Shrine of Our Lady of the Angel in the distance!) and to the walkway characterised by breakwater rocks which year after year become an outdoor art gallery, thanks to ScoglieraViva, the international sculpture competition organised by the Municipality.

Animals, men and emotions: there are thousands of themes and subjects sculpted by the artists on these masses of rock first created to defend the hamlet from the sea but which now have become a gallery of sculptures carved out of blocks of Euganean trachyte, traditional in our part of the country.


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