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The Marinas

Caorle has always relied on water, the water of its sea and that of the lagoon, with its canals, which represent a useful navigation channel to this day.

The entrance to the harbour of Caorle, at the mouth of the river Livenza, is protected by two breakwaters which ensure accessibility whatever the weather, but there are also two wet docks which have already been awarded the FEE Blue Flag for the high standards of the port facilities.

Darsena dell’Orologio - Caorle

This wet dock is made up of a main basin which opens onto the Canale dell'Orologio (“the clockwork canal”), followed by other secondary basins, above which the houses and other buildings rise, as part of an urban structure connected to the city. Like in any harbour, everyone can access the quays, admire the boats, have fun in the hospitality facilities or use the port services.

Harbour area surface: mq. 175.000
Dock surface: mq. 50.000
Green areas, services: mq. 40.000
Roads and parking space: mq. 25.000
Boat spaces from 10 to 20 metres: 450 - 500
On the quays: water and electricity.
In the docks: a 20-ton lifting crane.
In the docks: parking areas for boats (in locality Sansonessa).
In the harbour or docks: specialised technical assistance for motors, electronics and shipbuilding.
For info tel +39 042184207, +39 0421217113; email:

Marina 4 - Porto Santa Margherita

Marina 4 is the name of the tourist harbour located approximately 400 metres from the mouth of the river Livenza which boasts a modern wet dock which guarantees complete assistance to the pleasure boating industry. The dock is made up of a harbour-canal 28 metres wide; its berths are private property and it has a central harbour made up of two basins: the first is reserved for motorboats and the second is for motorboats and sail boats.

SEABEDS: 3,00 m.
BOAT SPACES: 600-700.
FACILITIES: water, electricity, hygienic services, telephone, petrol, gas, gasohol, a crane which can withstand up to 40 tons and a slipway that can withstand up to 50 tons.
For info: tel +39 0421260469, e-mail:


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