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Discover Caorle by boat

The Caorle Lagoon with its Fishing Valleys and its Casoni is part of a river system called the Venetian coastal waterway which, thanks to a system of navigable routes, brings together artistic cities such as Chioggia, Venice, Grado and Triest, with centres of great historic importance such as Concordia Sagittaria and historic tourist bathing centres, such as Caorle, but also Lido di Venezia, Cavallino, Sottomarina, Jesolo, Eraclea and Bibione. 

This is not just a waterway: there are stretches of towpaths and embankments which allow for the possibility of exploring the city by bike

The actual coastline covers over 109 km, starting from the Cavallino basin and ending in Isonzo: it is a complex system of canals which connects the rivers Sile, Piave, Livenza, Lemene, Tagliamento, Stella and Isonzo to one another and the stretches of water of Venice, Caorle, Bibione, Marano and Grado. The coastline connects the Venice Lagoon, Marano Lagoon and Grado through a 134 km trail and the Venice Lagoon and the Po river for another 60 km.

Our boat excursions to the Caorle lagoon are a truly unmissable attraction!

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