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Typical products of the land

The area inland of Caorle with its fertile soil thanks to the drainage operations performed over the last century offers pleasant surprises, not only from a landscape point of view, but also in terms of  food and wine.

In fact, the typical products of Caorle are not just limited to fish delicacies but also come from the activities that the skilful hands of our people have succeeded in carrying on according to ancient traditions, such as the local rice, honey and cheese.

The fertile land irrigated by the fresh waters of the river Livenza together with the salty air of the Adriatic Sea have over time led to the farming of superfine Carnaroli rice, ideal for risotto, which is one of our excellent products, grown by local farms, sold in our stores and served in our homes and restaurants.

Honey is another feather in our cap, especially salt marsh honey rich in iodine and made from Limonium specie vulgare flowers, known in local jargon as “fiorella di barena”, plants that flower from June to September and only grow in our salt marshes, sand and clay dunes typical of our lagoon areas that the water covers or not according to the pattern of the tides. The local honey is marked by its excellent flavour, also in many other varieties and Emanuele Marchesan’s farm, just outside Caorle, is certainly worth a visit, with its over 200 hives!

Another excellent local product is Montasio PDO cheese with its four degrees of maturity and exclusively made of cow’s milk from the area of production which goes from Friuli Venezia Giulia to Veneto. The one made by the dairy Porto Santa Margherita, a few kilometres from Caorle, is excellent, served as a dish in its own right and also used as an ingredient in many recipes of our cuisine.

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