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Discover Caorle on foot

After having visited the historical town centre with the suggestive Piazza Vescovado, its Cathedral and Bell Tower or having walked along Rio Terrà delle Botteghe upon the discovery of its beautiful shops, there's much more to visit by exploring Caorle and its surroundings on foot. 

We suggest an itinerary "suitable for all legs", because it can be covered in its entirety (14 km) or in part, without taking anything away from the beauty of the walk: a part of it coasts river Livenza and continues for 7.6 km; the other part accompanies you upon the discovery of the Caorle Lagoon with an 8 km trail.


Exploring the Livenza river estuary (7.6 km)

From Piazza Veneto (accessible from Via Pretoriana if you start from the big car park in Viale Aldo Moro which hosts the weekly market there on Saturday morning) turn right onto Viale Pompei, reach the dock of the  Fishing Harbour and flank it, first going past Fondamenta Pescheria then, turning straight to your right, onto Via dei Bragozzi; then continue straight and take Viale dei Tropici. 

As you continue, you can admire the Darsena dell’Orologio (lit. the Dock of the Clock). Then continue down towards the skating rink; on your right, you'll find a cycling track which takes you to the bank of the Orologio canal, which you can walk along traversing a dirt road, until it converges with river Livenza before reaching the river estuary. The narrow road ends on the square where in summer the ferry connects Caorle to Porto Santa Margherita.  

From here, you can loop back to Caorle along Via Livenza, then Via Tagliamento and finally Viale S. Margherita, which has many shops. After two kilometres, you'll find yourself in Piazza Vescovado, the beautiful square opposite the thousand-year-old Cathedral and the cylindrical Bell Tower, the symbol of the city.


Towards the Caorle Lagoon (8 Km)

Start from the Shrine of Our Lady of the Angel and go along the Lungomare Trieste, the beautiful coastal walkway which leads to the Falconera district.

When you reach the end, turn left and then, after one hundred metres, to the right on Viale dei Cacciatori, and head along a long, straight road in the campsite area which leads to Falconera. 

Turn right once again, then left, and you'll end up in front of the Nicesolo canal, in one of the most distinctive areas of Caorle, beyond which you find the Brussa natural oasis with its pinewood, dunes and beach. 

Continue along the paved road until you reach a cycling-pedestrian dirt track on the right, which allows you to enjoy the Caorle Lagoon in all its beauty, a place Ernest Hemingway was very fond of. 

At the end of the track, continue on the right along the embankment. You'll reach the Isola dei Pescatori (Fishermen’s Island), a place to take a break and visit the Casoni, traditional houses made of wood and reeds which appear in the swamp area and which bear direct witness to the ancient connection between the people of Caorle and the lagoon. Today, these buildings are predominantly used as warehouses for fishing equipment. 

Leave the Isola dei Pescatori to join the dirt track which follows the Saetta canal; after 500 metres, you'll reach its confluence with the Riello canal. Another couple of hundred metres and you'll reach the municipal stadium. Immediately before the stadium, at the level of the small municipal gardens which are managed by retired residents, turn left to reach Parco del Pescatore (the Fisherman's Park), the green lung of the city with a picnic area and toilet facilities.

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