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The Marine Oasis

At 1.5 miles from the coast, in Porto Falconera, you find the Marine Oasis of Porto Falconera, a marine environment which features seabeds in which submerged rocky reliefs are present and stick out from the sandy seabed; these are called "tegnùe" and sea breams and red drums amongst many other fish, have chosen them as their ideal hideaway.

The Marine Oasis is a biologically-protected area; it is a project created to protect the seabeds of the Caorle coastline and monitor the marine environment from an ecological point of view (for further information contact Marine Oasis +39 0421 219256; email:

If you want to explore the sea of Caorle and observe the beauty of the seabed, you can do this safely thanks to the Caorle scuba diving Group which organises dives upon reservation (write to; for more information:

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