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The Liturgical Museum

From Piazza Vescovado, by crossing the gardens of the parsonage of the Cathedral of St. Stephen, you reach the Liturgical Museum which once was the private chapel of the bishops. Inside, you find sacred vestments and ancient remains, silver and precious copper pieces.

Of particular interest are, without a doubt, the remains of Saint Stephen Proto-martyr to whom the Cathedral is dedicated, the reliquaries and the ring of the bishops of Caorle.
An interesting fact: the second room is almost entirely dedicated to Pope John XXIII and it showcases objects and vestments which once belonged to him and were donated to the museum by Guido and Giampaolo Gusso, who for years were his helpers in the Vatican.

Free entry upon booking: contact Mrs Annabella Pavan on +39 328 1316714.

During summer, the Museum is open in the evening.

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