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Excellences of Caorle's cuisine

Musky octopus, clams and queen scallop are certainly the three most popular fish products of Caorle’s cuisine and fundamental ingredients of famous typical dishes and wonderful recipes. But there are also many other equally delicious ingredients and that have practically always contributed to the splendour of the gastronomic tradition of our area.

For example, the famous "sardèe in saòr", fried sardines marinated in oil, fried onion, salt and vinegar, a traditional dish par excellence and a legacy of the peasant food of the previous generations (“brine” as a means of conserving fish also for periods of famine).

Or the fish soup, known as “broéto caorlotto”, which was once a main meal of the fisherman, also cooked on the boats and that is among the most popular dishes now served in the bars and restaurants that offer typical cuisine.

Eel also features among our traditional dishes, particularly in the "bisàto al spèo" version (spit-roast eel), an old recipe connected with the fishermen’s custom of cutting open the eels and threading long wooden sticks through them.

These dishes are almost always served with polenta, often roasted on the grill, alongside other more recent dishes but which have also become classics, such as spaghetti with clams, with mussels or lobster, risotto with seafood, with cuttlefish ink, with eel or with prawns.

However, Caorle’s cuisine is not only fish, celebrated through events that attract thousands of visitors, but it also boasts many excellent dishes based on typical products of the land and absolutely always accompanied by the local wines which are constantly gaining success also at international level.

The culinary tradition of the nearby Concordia Sagittaria is worthy of mention in its own right, which ranges from a typical sausage of farming tradition called “brondua”, to the celebration of the herring known as “renga”, the unrivalled feature of a town festival held every year on Ash Wednesday.

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