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What to do in Caorle

Venezia e la Lagina

Exploring Venice and the Caorle's Lagoon

Travellers who come to Caorle for the weekend (or a "long" weekend), tend to spend at least one day exploring Venice, which can be easily reached by car or public transport. In summer, on working days, a motorboat departs from the Fishing Harbour and takes you directly to Saint Mark's Square! 

From the same jetty, from May to September, you can also hop on another motorboat which allows you to take a pleasant tour around the Caorle Lagoon, to admire the natural beauty of the landscape, to spot Hemingway's old hunting house in the distance and even to visit a casone


Historical centre

One day needs to be spent exploring the historical centre of our maritime hamlet: you can shop, taste the exquisite food and drink of our bars and restaurants in Rio Terrà delle Botteghe, go for a stroll along the Venetian-style calli (narrow streets) and campielli (small squares), enjoy homemade ice-cream or "calamari on the go" (whatever tickles your tastebuds!).  

You'll end up in Piazza Vescovado where you can admire the Cathedral and the Bell Tower, the symbol of our hamlet!  

Calli e Campelli  Veneziani


Gastronomia tipica Caorlotta

The beach and the traditional Caorle cuisine

If you're still in the mood for walking, go up to the dam where you can see the sea and the rocks transformed into sculptures. The destination of the walk can only be one place: the Shrine of our Lady of the Angel, a place of devotion for us locals.  

No visit is complete without a trip to one of our famous restaurants which serve traditional Caorle cuisine, and a beautiful walk outdoors surrounded by nature.

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