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Caorle’s Lagoon and the Casoni

Caorle lagoon, so loved by Ernest Hemingway, is a protected natural area waiting to be discovered. It offers a unique flora (not only orchids, but also the Venetian glasswort, the Caspian lemon tree and the feathery fairy linen, truly unique plants); a multitude of migratory and sedentary birds have been recorded here (over 280 species including the duck, the bittern, the red heron, the common coot, the small grebe and the mallard ducks) and a wide variety of fish choose to reproduce here. Even foxes have been spotted around!

In the past, this was where fishermen lived with their families in the traditional wooden and reed marsh houses called casoni, which can still be seen today, for example, along the cycling trail, which starts at the municipal stadium (Piazzale Olimpia), continues along Strada Palangon up to the so-called "Island of the Fishermen" and from here goes up a cycling-walking trail which coasts the lagoon up to Falconera: you have to try this out!

The lagoon is navigable and those who do not have their own boat can, in summer, explore the lagoon on board a tourist boat which, in addition to offering a pleasant trip across canals and past emerged land, often make stops which allow you to visit the casoni!


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