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How to reach us

How to reach Caorle

Thanks to the infrastructure and connections of our region, whether you are coming from other parts of Italy or the world, reaching Caorle has never been easier. By car, by train, by plane (even private!), by coach or by boat; here below you'll find a series of useful information to help you get to this magical Hamlet and to move from one location to the next of our region.

By car

No problem if you decide to come by car: there are three motorway exits you can choose from, depending on where you are coming from: Noventa - San Donà di Piave (32 km, approximately 30 minutes), San Stino di Livenza (23 km, approximately 25 minutes) and Portogruaro (29 km, approximately 30 minutes).

In detail:

From the North:

Motorway A28 Portogruaro-Pordenone-Conegliano/A23 Palmanova - Udine – Tarvisio/A22 Brennero – Modena/A4 Torino - Trieste
Exit at: San Stino di Livenza/Portogruaro
Take: from San Stino road SP 61; from Portogruaro, SP 68 in the direction of Caorle.

From the South:

Motorway A14 Bologna-Taranto; A13 Bologna-Padova; A4 Torino-Trieste
Exit at: San Stino di Livenza
Take: from San Stino road SP 61 towards Caorle.

From the West:

Motorway A21 Torino-Brescia; A4 Torino-Trieste
Exit at: San Donà di Piave/San Stino di Livenza
Take: from San Donà Via Martiri delle Foibe, then SP 54; from San Stino SP 61 towards Caorle.

From the East:

Motorway A4 Torino - Trieste
Exit at: Portogruaro
Take: from Portogruaro road SP 68 in the direction of Caorle.

For traffic conditions in real time and other info:

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By train

The best train stations to reach Caorle are San Donà di Piave, San Stino di Livenza and Portogruaro; the ATVO bus service ( also brings you to our Hamlet.


  • from San Donà di Piave station, head to the bus station and take the line which brings you to Caorle;
  • from the stations of San Stino di Livenza and Portogruaro, you can directly take the bus for Caorle.

If you'd rather get a taxi, you'll find one easily outside the stations.

Distance from the given train stations to Caorle:

  • San Donà di Piave 32 km (approximately 30 minutes);
  • San Stino di Livenza 23 km (approximately 25 minutes);
  • Portogruaro 29 km  (approximately 30 minutes).

For further info:

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By plane

The best airports to reach Caorle are the Marco Polo of Venice (56.5 km from us) and the Canova of Treviso (62.6 km far).

If you are flying into Venice airport, you can reach us in different ways:

  • by taxi (journey time: approximately 40 minutes);
  • with the ATVO buses: all year round, line 4 guarantees regular departures and a direct 90-minute connection. From May to September, there is also the “Caorle Express" service available.

If you are landing in Treviso:

  • by taxi (journey time: approximately 50 minutes);
  • with ATVO buses all year round, you can choose between two solutions: 1) a daily motorway connection to/from Canova ofTreviso airport with Mestre (Train Station), Bus service/Treviso Airport - Mestre-Venezia; then change to the ATVO Mestre bus line (Train Station)-Caorle. Info +39 0421 383672-1 /+39 0422 315381 - 0421.5944; 2) from Treviso airport - line ACTT no. 6 for Treviso Bus Station, then change to the ATVO bus line for San Donà di Piave; then change again for the ATVO bus line to Caorle.

    Service information: Treviso +39 0422 3271, timetable link, for ATVO service info +39 0421 5944, for timetables From May to September, there is also the "Caorle Express" service available.

Bus timetable to reach Caorle from the airports of Venice or Treviso:

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By coach

In summer, Caorle is connected to important centres in the Veneto and Lombardy regions through a handy ATVO bus service. This will allow you, if you fancy it, to explore the surrounding area and to reach Belluno, Feltre or other mountainous locations, or Brescia, Bergamo and Milan! For information and timetables:
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By boat

Besides the many motorboat excursions that you can go on to discover the Caorle Lagoon and unique gems such as the nearby Venice, you can also reach Caorle by sea on your own boat that you can dock directly in Caorle at the Darsena dell’Orologio (Via dei Tropici 101, +39 0421 84207) or in Porto Santa Margherita at Darsena Marina 4 (Corso Pisa 23,  +39 0421 260469).
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With your own private plane

Did you know that we are equipped to welcome you even if you choose to come to our hamlet on a private aircraft? Find out all information pertaining to the Caorle airfield located on Strada Tezzon 30.


For all info: +39 0421 81351, +39 338 6999252;;

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