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Ca' Corniani

About 3 km from Caorle, you'll find the rural hamlet of Ca' Corniani (which now also houses a prestigious wine cellar) and is well worth a visit; it is the first example of a reclamation in the Venetian swamps on behalf of private citizens, which occurred in the 19th century.

The Corniani family purchased this lagoon area in the 17th century and transferred it in the mid-19th century to Assicurazioni Generali who began the reclamation project by building the land drainage system in 1879.

Today, Ca’ Corniani is the most extensive of all agricultural businesses in Genagricola and it is a centre for research in terms of technology and productivity. Furthermore, the company has become a poli-functional centre thanks to the desire to promote the land and its historic and cultural heritage. Click here for more information.

Le Tre Soglie of Ca’ Corniani are three access points to the 1770-hectare estate reachable by sea and land; an art contest, won by Alberto Garutti was dedicated to them; the installations were chosen to be placed on the "entrance doors" of the estate. Further information here.


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