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Beauty and Shopping

Caorle has much more than just the sea and nature to offer; it is also a place of entertainment, a place to meet friends and enjoy the excellences of our land, cultural events and much more. Caorle can be a destination with many different facets, awaiting to be experienced and enjoyed! 

Given Caorle is a holiday destination,specialised beauty centres and trendy shops in which to buy fashionable clothes could not be missing! Boutiques with clothes and accessories that reflect the trends of the moment, such as the ones in Viale Santa Margherita, but also traditional products to be purchased in the historic shops of the centre, such as in Rio Terrà delle Botteghe: Caorle's offer is varied and encompasses all kinds of requests.

If you love shopping, do not miss out on Corso Genova in Porto Santa Margherita (pedestrian area in which it is pleasant to walk, looking into the windows of the shops and bars along the porticos), the "La Quercia" gallery in Lido Altanea (a spacious pedestrian area full of bars, shops, restaurants and events spaces) as well as Corso Rovigno and Via delle Pecore in Duna Verde with interesting shops for all kinds of shopping!

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