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The educational 'casone' (traditional fisherman's house)

The casone of the Caorle Lagoon is truly unique and, in some way, is the symbol of the close connection we locals have to our natural landscape

It is the typical building that was used as a shelter, a depot for fishing nets and equipment and a home to fishermen. During some periods of the year, for example from September to December, fishermen moved with all their family for the "fraìma", the time when all Caorle locals move along the lagoon to intercept the fish which in autumn swim from the lagoon basins towards the sea. 

The casone is a unique space with a roof made of swamp reeds, a door, two windows, a thick flooring made of poor material, even in beaten gravel, and a hearth in the centre. 

At the entrance to Caorle, inside Parco del Pescatore, you will find the model of a casone rebuilt according to the rules dictated by local tradition, so that this traditional structure is not lost over time. 

The Caorle Lagoon currently houses several casoni, often isolated to better dominate the areas in which fishing occurred, but also grouped together, such as in Falconera or in the Fishermen's Island, at the meeting point between the Palangon and Nicesolo canals (also known as Canalon).  

Want to find out more? Here is the pdf which represents a casone and its  features .

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