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Local Wines & Wineries

The Wines of Caorle

Discover the typical wines of the Caorle area

It is natural for good food to be accompanied by good wine and here in Caorle we don’t make any exceptions, thanks to the many varieties that we produce and export all over the world. It’s not by chance that the most popular experiences with visitors have always included a visit to the local wineries just as a tour along the Lison Pramaggiore DOC wine route that covers the area between the rivers Tagliamento and Livenza is very popular and represents an excellent product of the Eastern Veneto area, where we live. You can’t leave without tasting at least a glass of Lison, Pinot Bianco, Pinot Grigio, Merlot or Cabernet, just to name a few…

Below is a list of the Lison-Pramaggiore DOC wines, with their characteristics:

Tocai italico - Excellent as an aperitif and as a wine to accompany appetizers, pasta dishes and soups, seafood and soft non-fermented cheeses. It is to be served at 10-12°C.

Pinot bianco - Excellent as an aperitif, it is perfectly suited to being combined with the whole range of light appetizers, pasta and rice dishes and soups and simple fish dishes. It is to be served chilled, around 10°C.

Chardonnay - Excellent as an aperitif, in the sparkling version it comes into its own as a wine for toasts. Also to be tried with fish appetizers, pasta and rice dishes and soups, egg based dishes and light fish dishes. It is to be served chilled (about 10-12°C).

Pinot grigio - Wine to be drunk young, within a year of its production date, it is to be served chilled (about 10-12°C) and is excellent both as an aperitif and with light appetizers and many fish dishes. In the coppery version it is very good with cold meats, cheese and boiled white meats.

Riesling italico - Excellent as an aperitif, it is to be served very cold (8-10°C) and is also a good accompaniment for many fish dishes and risottos.

Sauvignon - The success of this wine is constantly increasing which is also due to its versatility: very pleasant to drink on its own and with cured ham, it is also excellent with fish dishes and light sauces. It is to be served well chilled (about 8-10°C).

Verduzzo - A wine to be served chilled (about 8-10°C); the golden version is good on its own, whereas the green version is a good accompaniment for cured ham, cold meats, herby risottos, omelettes and boiled fish.

Merlot - This is a full bodied wine to accompany a whole meal, particularly ideal with cured meats, meat casseroles and roast meat. It is to be served at about 18-20°C.

Cabernet Franc - Excellent with mature cheeses, meat and game, it is to be served at 18-20°C.

Cabernet Sauvignon - It is ideal to accompany a whole meal, especially based on meat, game or cheese. It is to be served at about 16-18°C.

Refosco - Even if it is a wine that is absolutely suited to many typical dishes from Friuli Venezia Giulia, it is also very popular in Veneto, especially to accompany meat and game. It is to be served at room temperature, around 18°C.

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