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Local Wines & Wineries

The wineries of Caorle

Guided tours around the local wineries

If you are planning a stay in Caorle it would be a real shame not to spend at least a couple of hours visiting one of our local wineries to taste the excellent local wines. It is an experience that we strongly recommend and that we are certain will be unforgettable. In the area surrounding our town there are many wineries where, as well as tasting, you can also watch the production and bottling process of the famous DOC wines of our area! Booking is always recommended.

Ca' Corniani

A winery immersed in an evocative farming area (it belongs to the largest agricultural company in Italy!) among water courses, stretches of corn, wheat and sugar beet fields, poplar groves and fruit orchards. The winery is open to the public all year round and every day of the week (Sunday by appointment only). 

Cantina CA' CORNIANI di Genagricola Spa - Località Campo Rimembranze 10, Caorle.
For opening times and bookings: +39 337 1103711;;


La Frassina

The winery, which is part of the farm within the same name, was founded in 2000 by the sister and brother Lucia and Carlo Pasti, who renovated the old barn where they now produce their wines Lison, Chardonnay, Miglio, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Ghebo, Refosco and Ciaro del Turco.
Tastings every day at 11.00 am and 5.00 pm.

Strada Vallesina 3, Loc. Marango, Caorle
For opening times and bookings: Lucia +39 333 2557529; Carlo +39 335 6828760;;



Sparkling (Morgana, Prosecco millesimato and Peccato), semi-sparkling (Beccacino and Cardellino), white (Pinot grigio, Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Traminer), red (Caubernet Franc, Caubernet Sauvignon, Merlot) and sweet (Sorriso) wines. If you visit this winery run by Astrid, Tranquillo and Fabio Scala you will be spoilt for choice as to which glass to raise!

Stradone Franchetti 25, frazione di San Gaetano, Caorle
For opening times and bookings: +39 320 0609261; +39 0421.88065;;

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