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The Historical Centre

We never get bored of walking in the heart of Caorle along the calli and the campielli, our eyes gazing towards the bright colours of the fishermen's houses which have been refurbished, or the beauty of the Medieval Cathedral and the church of Madonna di Pompei.

It is enchanting also to cross the Rio Terrà delle Botteghe, the high street full of traditional shops and bars; when you reach the Bafile Cultural Centre, don't be alarmed by the white lines you see on the ground: these indicate the borders of the canal which once crossed the historic town centre and which was landfilled in the 19th century. The parallel street is Calle Lunga and it leads to Piazza Vescovado, the main square and the beating heart of our hamlet with the Cathedral, the Bell Tower and the old Palazzo Pretorio. Also of great value are the wall frescos of what once was the Oratory of Saint Rocco (destroyed during the Napoleonic era), protected by the restructuring of the area which now constitutes a small archaeological trail embellished by the well head dating back to the Roman era, located right at the centre of the garden.
The staircase overlooking the sea dominates the space, with the beautiful fountain which leads up to the breakwater.
In the past, making the maritime soul of Caorle even more unique, there used to be a squero, a traditional dockyard of Venetian-style boats that could be admired along Via Francesconi, just a stone's throw from the harbour: in its place now, there are bars and restaurants where you can enjoy the excellent food and wine of our land!


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