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Caorle Webcam

If you really love Caorle, you'll want to find out what happens in our maritime hamlet even when you are far away and also see with your own eyes what the weather is like! 'How can I do this?' you ask. Well, we've decided to stay connected through a series of webcams which are pointed on some of the most traditional parts of our beloved “small Venice”! Here are some of them:

Scogliera Viva: it's one of the most pleasant walks along our coastline. Here you can be at one with the sea, admiring the sculptures that internationally-renowned artists have given to Caorle!

Fishing Harbour: a traditional shot of the Fishing Harbour taken from the webcam installed on top of the Fishing Market to monitor our fishermen's boats as they leave the harbour and return with the fresh catch!

Porto Santa Margherita: see the river Livenza merge into the sea at Porto Santa Margherita, another gem along our coastline with its sandy beaches and well-equipped beach establishments.

Piazza Vescovado: this is the heart of the town, the main square and the beating heart of our Hamlet with the Cathedral and the Bell Tower.

Webcam Caorle - Scogliera Viva

Webcam Caorle - Scogliera Viva

Webcam Caorle - Porto Peschereccio

Webcam Caorle - Porto Peschereccio

Webcam Caorle - Centro Storico, Rio Terrà

Webcam Caorle - Centro Storico Rio Terrà

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