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Harbour and Fishing

Caorle is a seafaring hamlet which preserves and carries on ancient traditions passed on from one generation to the next, so much so that fishing, alongside tourism, is still the main activity that caorlotti (that's what we people from Caorle are called!) dedicate their time to. 

The Fishing Harbour deserves a visit, especially in the afternoon to watch a ritual that has gone on for centuries: fishermen dock their boats, wash and repair their nets following the same procedure that has been repeated for generations!

Of the many canals that crossed Caorle, today there is only one left: the Rio Interno, in other words the Fishing Harbour, which welcomes to its maritime microcosm those who come here from the hinterland.

Up until the last century, the harbour was crowded with bragozzi, the traditional fishing and loading boats of the high Adriatic with two shafts and the trapeze-shaped sails (technically known as ' vele al terzo', meaning 'sails at the third'). Every now and again, especially in summer, you can spot  them docked together with the fishing vessels.


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