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Caorle The Small Venice

Why does everybody love Caorle? Visit us and find out why! Imagine eighteen kilometres of golden sandy beaches, a clean sea suitable for children, clear water, rich in fish and full of underwater treasures, for the delight of fishing, scuba-diving and water sports enthusiasts. And then there's the dunes, the uncontaminated nature, the historic hamlet on the seafront, the harbour, the art, the traditions, the exceptional food and wine of the land.

All it takes is a walk in the heart of Caorle to understand why we are known all over the world as little Venice: our historic town centre is a miniature Venice with narrow streets (calli) and small squares (campielli), an outdoor 'living room' starting from the beautiful Piazza Vescovado with its trachyte paving which recalls Venice!

The centre of Caorle was formerly made up of three small islands joined together by four bridges: there were no roads, only navigable canals (called rii, just like in Venice!) which fishermen's houses looked out onto, houses which have been brought back to life with the trademark colours of the Venetian tradition.

From the mid 18th century, these canals started to get landfilled,  the main street of the old town entre testifies to it, as it is called Rio Terrà (which means 'landfilled canal').

What binds us to the Most Serene Republic of Venice is not only our history, but also our fishing heritage (first in the lagoon, then in the sea), which has always been Caorle's primary resource (do not miss out on visiting the Harbour  and the adjacent Fish Market).

Dowload here our brochure in English Caorle, il borgo storico sul mare

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