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The Sea and the Beaches

Eighteen kilometres of spacious beach, private and free to access, on fine, golden sand, with a clean, clear sea that rests on a seabed that gently slopes down and amenities for all needs: it comes as no surprise that Caorle has been awarded the Blue Flag for many years now! And because this is a paradise for families, we've even been awarded the Green Flag for being a beach which is deemed "fit for children"!

A stretch of sand which covers our Hamlet from East to West characterised by the Ponente and Levante Beaches, separated by a thousand-year old dam.

Around Caorle, there are so many other beaches that cannot be missed and which are all worth exploring, such as Porto Santa MargheritaLido Altanea, Duna Verde and Brussa (where you can find the natural beach which is part of the ValleVecchia oasis), the perfect hideaway for people looking for nature and peace).

We believe that, in order to enjoy a nice holiday, nothing can be left to chance; this is why we've designed services which satisfy the most diverse of needs: from baby-sitting to entertaining adults and children on the beach and services dedicated to people with mobility problems.

Parasols and sunbeds are accessible even for people moving around in wheelchairs, thanks to the slides at the beach entrances and the platforms which are one metre wide and create actual paths on the sand. You can also hire wheelchairs purposely designed to move on the sand and suitable beds. Just ask the staff of every area into which we have divided our beach!

For all information about our beaches, here are some useful references:


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