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The Shrine of Our Lady of the Angel

The Shrine of Our Lady of the Angel (originally dedicated to Archangel Michael from whom it takes its name) is a sanctuary built in its current structure in 1751 on the remains of a small 6th or 7th century church. The original church may have been the most religious building of ancient Caorle: a small church with three wooden naves dedicated to Saint Michael the Archangel.

Today the sanctuary is located in a truly enchanting location (where the rocks ends and the Levante beach begins), on a cliff which wedges into the Adriatic sea and over time has become a pilgrimage destination not only for us caorlotti devoted to the Virgin Mary, but also for many religious people who come from all over the world.

According to the legend, some fishermen found a wooden statue of the Virgin Mary with Child floating in the sea, despite the fact its base was a marble pedestal; only a group of children managed to take it to the Cathedral from which it disappeared the following day and was unexplainedly found again in the church by the sea which gave it its name, the Shrine of Our Lady of the Angel.

You can visit the church every day during the daytime in winter months. During summer it is open from the early morning to 11 pm.

Do not miss the Procession of the Virgin Mary of the Angel which takes place every five years.


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