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Visit the Fish Market in Caorle

Go to the Municipal Fishing Market, in Riva delle Caorline, to purchase fish or simply to watch locally-sourced fish being sold the traditional Caorle way. Here you'll find the freshest of fish from the sea or the internal waterways which, when fishermen return, is placed in boxes which are immediately thrown onto the dock and are brought to the market to be sold at auction on the spot.
Following a traditional Caorle ritual, aspiring purchasers whisper their offer into the ear of the auctioneer; once the auctioneer has received the offers, he awards the fish to the person who made the best offer and asks him to repeat it out loud so the procedure is transparent to all.

There are many types of fish, such as crustaceans and molluscs that our fishermen bring to the Municipal Fish Market after returning from the Adriatic Sea, in particular from the area between Punta Tagliamento and Chioggia, from the waters of the Caorle Lagoon.  

The Fish Market also sells at retail!
Every day from Tuesday to Saturday, from 8.00 am to 11.30 am, it is possible to buy the freshest fish of Caorle!
Of course, if the fishermen don't go out fishing ... there will be no fish!

For more information: + 39 0421 212029,

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