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Treviso and surrounding areas

If you wish to explore a truly beautiful place on foot, one which has preserved its medieval structure intact, then look no further than Treviso, approximately 70 km from Caorle.

The river Sile and other minor canals cross the historic town centre; then there's the walls, Piazza dei Signori, the island of the Fish Market, the Loggia dei Cavalieri, and much more. Treviso offers visitors precious and enchanting glimpses which make it particularly appealing.

Do not miss out on the Buranelli canal, which owes its name to the merchants of the island of Burano who in 1500 lived on this waterway.


Approximately 42 km from Caorle, is the old Opitergium, located on the "Postumia" road, founded by the Romans in 148 b.C. The town has preserved the traces of the Roman era thanks to the archaeological excavations which have brought to light the remains of the necropolises, of the spas, of the forum and of a domus (the house).. Many artefacts are preserved in the "Eno Bellis" Museum. It's very interesting!


This  enchanting medieval hamlet is 48 km far from Caorle. In ancient times it experienced great wealth thanks to the trade brought by the river Livenza which crosses the centre. Among the medieval palazzos, you can visit Casa di Gaia da Camino, the house of a noble lady of the 13th century who resided here and is also mentioned in Dante's "Divine Comedy", specifically in the "Purgatory". It is famous for its antiques market which takes place on the second Sunday of the month (except for the month of August).

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