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Family holidays

• The Black Pearl

Any beach worthy of the children who play on it should have a pirate ship that they can hop on board to duel against a crew of buccaneers! Caorle has this!
You can hop on the "Black Pearl" from different spots along the coast; a tender comes to pick you up on the seashore and then the adventure begins on board. For a couple of hours, spend time with the crew all dressed up as pirates, dancing, face painting and playing water games... all activities are designed to entertain both adults and children!
The Black Pearl organises short excursions (approximately two hours long) out in the open sea of Caorle. There are several collection points (on inflatable rafts): Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10 am opposite the San Francesco Tourist Village, at 1.30 pm opposite the Pra' delle Torri Tourist Village and at 4.15 pm opposite the Shrine of our Lady of the Angel.

Tickets can be bought directly on board. For all info, call +39 391 3470549; +39 349 3368198.

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