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The Ponente and the Levante Beaches

Of the eighteen kilometres of fine, golden sand that characterise our shore, about four correspond to our Hamlet.

Caorle beach is divided into two parts. To the East, you find the Levante Beach, which is 2.2 km long and goes from the historic town centre to the area of Falconera, near the Lagoon. Among the services, the beach of Levante offers the White Oasis, a deluxe area with ample white gazebos, sunbeds and small tables. 

To the West, you find the Ponente Beach; it is 1.8 km long and goes from the historic town centre to the mouth of the river Livenza, between Caorle and  Porto Santa Margherita, and the stretch of sea opposite to it features floating platforms.
On the Ponente beach, the Green Oasis has recently opened in the sector 8P, with a cafe, a restaurant and a seaview swimmingpool.
Both the Ponente and Levante Beach are very spacious (they range from 80 to 300 metres in length) and sandy. They are separated from the historic town centre also thanks to the wonderful ScoglieraViva.
Both offer bathing establishments equipped with all possible amenities, but also long stretches of free beaches distributed along the sandy shore.

Specifically, these are the free beach areas:

  • on the Levante beach: between the Church of the Madonna dell'Angelo and sector L1 and between Bau Beach and Porto Falconera;

  • on the Ponente beach: between sectors P14 and P15 and between sector P15 and the mouth of river Livenza.

    Click here to view the services of Levante  beach.
    Click here to view the services of  Ponente beache.

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