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Caorle all year round

Caorle is a perfect destination all year round, particularly in spring, thanks to our mild climate and the presence of the sea on the one hand and of the Lagoon and the countryside on the other.

Many families choose Caorle for their summer holidays with their children, so the months from March to June are less chaotic in our hamlet which looks particularly beautiful and ensures you an unforgettable stay!

What could be more intimate than enjoying the warm, spring sun on a deserted coastline, walking for miles and miles along a beach which is all yours, breathing in the iodine and fresh air, and replenishing your eyes with a landscape worthy of a postcard?

Follow this up with lunch in one of the many restaurants or in the traditional taverns along the promenade or historical town centre, to appreciate our cuisine based on local products, to tickle your taste-buds with our fresh fish accompanied by a glass of wine, from the wineries of our land. Fresh wine ready to enjoy!

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