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Passeggiare a Caorle

Discover the wonders of Caorle

The month of May brings great news!
In fact, we are working on the creation of a rich calendar of guided tours in the historic center and in the Falconera area.

In addition to the sea and the beach, Caorle is the repository of a thousand-year history: a unique and singular feature that distinguishes it from other tourist destinations. Thus, when the local tour guide tells the past of the city, walking through the streets and squares of the colourful old town, we are inevitably reminded of nearby Venice.
The very history of the Serenissima brings out the strong bond of the land with the sea, with water and with the lagoon.
Even the naturalistic area that characterizes the Caorle Lagoon certainly deserves a visit on foot, side by side with an environmental guide who is prepared and respectful of the lagoon area.

In the old town center or in contact with nature? From May to September it is possible!

The guided tour is a unique opportunity to visit the city and discover the secrets and legends which make Caorle a charming old village by the sea. There will be three weekly appointments: a tour in German, a tour in Italian and the walking route along the Caorle lagoon with the guide who will speak Italian and English.

Tickets can be purchased from 10th May at the IAT Office, Rio Terrà 3 (contacts and opening times) and in all hotels and agencies participating in the initiative

Complete event calendar


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