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The Ernest Hemingway Papa Journalism Award

When: in July

On the occasion of the so-called Hemingway, the Nobel prize winner in the Caorle lagoon days, which take place every year in Caorle, our hamlet comes to life with events, exhibitions, conferences, book presentations, film screening, all dedicated to the American journalist and writer who was a guest of our lagoon for many years, a lagoon he describes as a 'paradise' in his book Across the River and into the Trees.  

Amongst the cultural events programmed on these days, there's also the Papa Journalism Award which focuses on the intense connection Hemingway had with Veneto and Caorle in particular, but also celebrates his writings inspired by our land. 

The Papa Award, created by the Cinzia Vitale non-profit cultural Association sponsored by the Order of Journalists of Veneto, recalls the nickname 'Papa' given to Hemingway by his friend Gerald Murphy after he returned from one of his first trips from Spain. The award wishes to celebrate the journalistic roots that highlight Hemingway's relationship with the Veneto region, which inspired him as an author.

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