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X-Lagoon, the ferry-boat "Caorle - Vallevecchia - Bibione"

X-Lagoon, the ferry-boat "Caorle - Vallevecchia - Bibione"

The holiday in Caorle is not only sunbathing on the beach ... but it's also the discovery of the naturalistic beauties that surround it!


Info for 2022 below:

The X Lagoon is active, the boat + bike connection service between Caorle and Bibione, with an intermediate stop in the naturalistic oasis of Vallevecchia.

Two boats are available: one that can carry up to 30 people and 25 bicycles at the same time and a smaller one that holds 8 people and 8 bicycles.

The service is suspended in case of adverse weather conditions (including strong wind).


- CAORLE: Strada Passo Falconera, "Fishermen's Island"
- VALLEVECCHIA: Via del Dossetto, near the Environmental Museum of Vallevecchia
- BIBIONE: Via della Laguna (Bibione Pineda)

The service is accessible to dogs (on a leash).

- Caorle-Bibione: return 15 € – one way 10 €
- Caorle-Vallevecchia: return 8 € – one way 5 €
- Free for children up to 1 meter in height

Reservation required on

(subject to availability of places)

For info and timetables consult the following poster:



CAORLE – "Fishermen's Island", Strada Passo Falconera

VALLEVECCHIA - Visitor Center of Veneto Agriculture, Via Dossetto 1

BIBIONE PINEDA - Via della Laguna 14

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