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Taste Caorle

Taste Caorle

When was the last time you had a truly delicious meal with the freshest of fish, bought directly from the fishermen returning back to the harbour on their fishing boats or comfortably seated in a traditional restaurant? If you are thinking of Caorle as the destination for your next holiday, you're making the right choice because we are a coastal hamlet in which fishing is an age-old tradition and the cuisine is based on the fresh catch of the day, which we also refer to as the gold of Caorle!

Where to buy fresh fish

If you want to buy fresh local fish, hop over to the Municipal Fish Market in Riva delle Caorline from 8.30 to 11.30. Awaiting you is a feast for the eyes and the tastebuds… A truly unique experience is also watching the fishing boats slowly return to the harbour from the sea or the Lagoon, every day between 3.30 pm and 4 pm, then dock, offload the boxes of fish which is still flapping about and then perform an ancient, traditional ritual: the whispered auction. This ensures buyers that they get fish at the best possible price, fish that will then be served in one of the restaurants of the Hamlet!

Where to eat (good) fish!

There are so many traditional restaurants scattered around our hamlet in which you can enjoy classic recipes of Caorle cuisine. Timeless, much-loved dishes which exalt the excellence of our sea and feature musky octopus, clams and white queen scallops! A couple of examples? The "sardèe in saòr” (fried sardines macerated in oil, fried onion, salt and vinegar), our fish soup, the so-called “broéto caorlotto”, stewed musky octopus with cherry tomatoes or polenta, musky octopus salad, spaghetti with musky octopus, musky octopus in green sauce, spaghetti with clams, risotto with queen scallops, spaghetti with squid ink. Is your mouth watering?! We bet it is!

Celebrations dedicated to Caorle's fish

We love our fish so much that we celebrate it during several local food events, which even visitors get involved in, both here in Caorle and in neighbouring towns. For example, in Concordia Sagittaria at Easter, the “Renga d’Oro” takes place, a food competition which celebrates the best herring-based dishes (in Venetian dialect, this fish is called 'renga').

In September every year, the Fish Festival takes place in Caorle. On this occasion, the fish is fried or grilled on the seashore, on the beach adjacent to the The Shrine of Our Lady of the Angel. Much loved is also the competition which inaugurates the event, “Sardee in Grea”, during which aspiring chefs battle it out in a grilled sardine challenge for the chance to win the title of undisputed king of the grill, which is awarded at the end of the night!

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