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Open sea racing: "The 200-mile race" and "The 500-mile race"

Every year in May our marine landscape is dotted with sail boats; on board these boats are professional teams from all over the world and their presence brings our Hamlet to life, as thousands of enthusiasts and tourists flock to the town for the occasion.

We begin with “The 200-mile race” on the 2nd weekend of May; the race is 200 miles long in total, 100 miles in each direction, and it touches Caorle, the Grado buoy, and the Island of Sansego. Initially, there was only one race, the 200X2, with only two skippers on board; over time, the 200XTutti was added to allow a full crew to take part in an international regatta which features on the World Sailing calendar and counts towards the awarding of the "Offshore Italian Champion" title as well as "the 500-mile race" does.

"The 500-mile race" is considered to be the number one open-sea race; its first edition took place in the Mediterranean in 1974 and  was designed for two skippers only (500X2); since 1995, it is also open to complete crews (500XTutti). The race consists in covering 500 miles on a sail boat non-stop from Caorle to the Tremiti Islands, via Sansego; it starts on the final Sunday of May and ends the following Saturday. This competition appeals to the most famous ocean sailors, attracts sailing enthusiasts and ends with a big beach party!

On the occasion of the 500-mile race, there will be an event dedicated to foodies who love the local dishes of our land. The event is called “Gusta la Cinquecento” (literally "Taste the 500-mile race"). There will be show-cooking, happy hours and special menus for you to try at the restaurants in our hamlet while the boats compete in the regatta; you can admire them from our beautiful Fishing Harbour or watch as they parade along the Caorle canal to reach the starting line!

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