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Raccolta differenziata a Caorle (PL)

Recycling in Caorle

We Caorle locals are among the best at recycling in all of Italy; we take great pride in safeguarding the environment in which we live. We want to keep it this way also by recycling the right way. 

This is why we kindly ask our visitors to respect the rules we have set. Environmental sustainability is a value that concerns all those who love and live in Caorle! 

If you see abandoned waste, take a photo and send it via the  "100% RICICLO ASVO",  an App you can download on your tablet or mobile phone: a team will be sent immediately to remove the waste from the area. If you see any bad conduct, please write to segnalazioni@asvo.it or contact the free toll ASVO number +39 800 705551.

Caorle belongs to all of those who love and respect it: help us to keep it clean!

Dowload here the pdf regarding the collection of recycling bags 2022. 

For further information, check out www.asvo.it.

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