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Ausstellungen: Dì Berg

Ausstellungen: Dì Berg

Renato Bergantin, alias DìBerg, born in Caorle, Venice in 1978, his  technique is characterized by mixing Murano Glass and painting, to create unique artworks capable to bewitch the viewer: large and intense paintings of beautiful women with deep and powerful eyes; a peculiar use of light, that reflects on the accessories created with Murano glass such as, scarves, hats, veils, jewelry; and emotions! Tons of emotions, aroused by this game of sights, personalities, three-dimensional views, sensibility.
Also, his wildlife world, depicting nothing else but the souls of proud and realistic animals you might think to see disappear in a blink while observing them.
And his sculptures, compositions, patchworks, with a large use of Murano glass, of course, to reaffirm his link with his beautiful native soil.
Pieces that are wonderful decorative objects, artworks, expression of our most pure soul, oneiric moments, pleasure.

Great opening Friday 15th of June at 8.30 pm.
Open from thursday to sunday from 8.oo pm to 10.oo pm until 30th of September.

More details: www.diberg.it


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